an all-in-one profile for your business


what’s included in your profile:

- photos, business name, and city

- brief description written by our profile editors

- pricing and package information

- links to your website, social media, blogs, and other directory profiles

- inquiry form so couples can contact you directly

- an exclusive discount of your choice

vendor month-to-month listing
10.00 every month
vendor annual listing
100.00 every 12 months

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frequently asked questions

what information does a profile include?

  • we like to keep profiles clean and beautiful, but also give enough details for couples decide if they want to connect with you for more information. we include a few photos and a brief description, links to your website, social media, blogs, and directories you are featured on. this is the perfect one-stop profile page for wedding couples.

do i have to offer a discount?

  • yes please. our mission is to help couples save money on their wedding, but we also know how expensive marketing is for wedding industry businesses. gatherologie is a solution that helps both couple and businesses save money.

what kind of discounts do venues & vendors offer?

  • all sorts of discounts! typically the value is anywhere between $50 - $2,000 off, but you are more than welcome to do whatever you are comfortable with.

when do i redeem the discount

  • typically venues and vendors apply the discounts by simply reducing it from the total cost of services.

can i cancel my profile?

  • of course. we are here to offer a great service for venues, vendors, and couples. if you are no longer interested in continuing the partnership, email us at requesting cancellation, and we'll cancel your subscription with no hassle.

other questions or thoughts?

email us at