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sign-up and receive a digital membership card. the gatherologie membership allows you to redeem any and all the venue and vendor discounts.



our dedicated event specialists will send you personalized venue and vendor discount lists, availability, and pricing based on the area of your choice.



once you’re ready to book, flash your member card and rack up those savings.

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save thousands on your wedding

save up to $1,400 on venues

save up to $500 on wedding dresses

save up to $150 on invitations

save up to $750 on engagement rings

save up to $400 on entertainment

save up to $150 on wedding cakes

save up to $650 on rentals

save up to $500 on photography

save up to $300 on catering & bar services

save up to $100 on hair & makeup

save up to $200 on florists

save up to $50 on transportation

frequently asked questions

how much can i expect to save on events with a membership?

  • you can save thousands as a gatherologie member. it really depends on how many discounts you redeem and how many events/weddings you have. you can save over $5,000 on a wedding. we have member discounts for everything including engagement rings, bridal gowns, venues, caterers, photographers, florists, bakers, rentals, and so much more.

is there a limit to the discounts I redeem?

  • nope. you can redeem any and all of the venue and vendor discounts you’d like. every venue and vendor on gatherologie offers a member discount.

what does your event specialists do?

  • our event specialists gather the best discounts, check availability and pricing, and send you curated lists of all the information you need, anytime you need it.

how do i redeem discounts?

  • when you’re ready to book, all you have to do is show the venue or vendor your digital membership card to redeem the discount. we have a membership validation link for venues & vendors. it’s that easy!

what if i am booking a venue or vendor that doesn't have a discount?

  • our mission is to help you save money and time planning events & weddings. your dedicated event specialist will be your your discount warrior, which includes reaching out to potential venues & vendors that do not currently offer a discount and offering to partner with them.