redeem discounts to any venue + vendor on gatherologie

start saving on your wedding today


one time payment of $50



how it works

1. get the wedding pass

2. show venues and vendors your wedding pass to redeem discounts

3. eat, drink, plan, and celebrate

[repeat steps 2 and 3]

frequently asked questions

how much can I expect to save with a pass?

  • it depends on how many discounts you redeem! we have thousands of dollars worth of discounts to everything such as venues, photographers, florists, bakers, rentals, beauty, and so much more! the best part is, even if you only redeem one discount you still save more than you spent.

how do I redeem discounts?

  • we'll email your pass within 24hours of your purchase. all you have to do is show the venue or vendor your pass and form of i.d to redeem the discount.

does my pass need to be active on the day of my wedding to redeem discounts?

  • not at all! discounts are applied at the time you book the venue or vendor service. you can redeem all the discounts you want while your pass is active.

how long is my pass active for?

  • wedding passes are active for 2 years. since most engagements average to be about 17 months, we thought 2 years would the perfect amount of time to get all the discounts you need!

what if I am booking a venue or vendor that doesn't have a discount?

  • our mission is to help you save more money on your dream wedding. please email us at info@gatherologie with any venues and vendors you plan on booking that currently does not offer a gatherologie discount. we will personally contact them to see if they are interested in partnering with us.

other questions or thoughts?

email us at