a little piece of our heart | the definition of gatherologie

glasses clinking. lights twinkling. laughter pouring out. uncorked bottles of crimson wine. grateful, sincere hearts. 

We are so in love with these little moments. We feel that there is nothing more magical than people coming together and opening up their hearts and their homes. That is the heart of gatherologie. While we strive to be a simple, beautiful place for people to find their wedding venues and vendors on the Central Coast, we also want to be a catalyst for these moments of community.

We love the wedding industry because it centers around these sweet moments of love, friendship, and commitment. In creating gatherologie, we knew we also wanted to build our company on the foundation of authenticity. As entrepreneurs and as people, we don’t pretend to have it all together (because spoiler alert... we don’t!). As we chase—and sometimes trip—after our dreams, the most important thing for us is to remain genuine and kind. This also extends to the venues and vendors we list on our site: while we love beautiful spaces and services, the people behind those businesses are closest to our heart.  

Lastly, as millennials and as entrepreneurs, we’re definitely babes on a budget. One of the other central strands of gatherologie is helping customers stay within their means. We want to highlight how it is possible to have a wedding that is both affordable and beautiful.

And with that, welcome to our journey. We're glad you're here.

gatherologie (n): the celebration of sweet, simple moments of love, community, + authenticity.