apple farm

San Luis obispo, california


waived room rental

for gatherologie members

this quaint inn is a San Luis obispo favorite and well-known for its delicious desserts.

pricing: $2,000+ / day

venue information

  • outdoor millhouse patio: space for 60 guests

  • indoor harvest dining room: space for up to 48 guests

  • apple farm restaurant dining patio: space for up to 50 guests

  • garden room + patio: space for up to 30 guests

  • customized catering starting at $35 per person

  • customized wedding cake 

  • wine, beer, and spirit options

  • floral design options

wedding pass discounts:

  • wedding blocks of 20 rooms or more members receive:

    • champagne in the room upon check in

    • 2 apple farm robes

    • white rose petals on the bed

    • breakfast in bed for 2

  • holiday parties for 20 + guests

    •  waived room rental fee ($200+ value)


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