a touch of class bridal

santa rosa, california

$70 off tux rentals

for gatherologie members

unlike other bridal shops, a touch of class bridal gives you and your bridal party opportunities to save money while finding the perfect dresses for your perfect day. 

Bridal Gowns $900 - $1800

  • exclusive bridal gowns

  • reception dresses

  • honeymoon dresses

  • special occasion gowns

  • bridesmaid dresses

  • mother's dresses

  • flower girl dresses

  • tuxedos - in house stock

ways this shop helps you save:

  • most bridesmaid gowns are under $200 and mother’s gowns are under $300!

  • bridesmaid and mother’s dresses are discounted when you purchase two or more.

  • bridal gown prices include freight, initial steam and bag - a savings value of up to $100.

  • purchase your bridesmaid and/or your mother’s dresses with this shop and receive a special gift certificate from the tuxedo gallery - $60 off any tuxedo rental.


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